Free chat software download, free games download for Online Anonymity
Free chat software download, free games download for Online Anonymity
AV VOIZGAME features
Super Compatibility With Almost Chat Applications
Stay compatible with Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco and many other chat clients for online games
Ready-To-Use "Nickvoices" – The
Pre-set Changed Voices
Hundreds of “nickvoices” to match with every nickname or create your own “nickvoices” library
2-Dimensional Voice Pitch & Voice Timbre Changer
The only application that changes in real time not only voice pitch but also voice timbre
High-Quality Voice Output, Advanced Tune
Combinations of settings: voice changing, advanced tuning which increase the effect of changing Timbre and Pitch
Take Small Disk Space For Effective Compatibility
Smoothen online game playing process as you can run AV VoizGame, Ventrilo and World of Warcraft at the same time
Setting Preferences, Visible Interface, Easy Use
General settings, mouse-over how-to-use hints, useful tips
Serious Fun In Chat Zones And Online Role Playing Games
Real-time change your voice into high-quality female or male voices for World of Warcraft, MU or Counter Strike
Fun & Experience In Cyber
"Multi-Personality" Life
Change Pitch and Timbre settings to gain the voice you desire:shrill cry of a sorcerer, electronic voice of a robot and more
Privacy Is Protected, Absolute Anonymity
Disguise your voice, use a nickvoice to match with any nickname you use for each game chat room
Self Confidence With Natural And Authentic Changed Voices
Hardly can your partners recognize you as your changed voice is so vivid and natural
Sexier And Cooler Voice, Superior Over Buddies
Mimic attractive voice of a princess, talk like a hero of your realm and play trick on game partners to laugh out loud
Value Added Packages For More Productivity
Install comparator package and nickvoice rule package for more enjoyment