Free chat software download, free games download for Online Anonymity
Free chat software download, free games download for Online Anonymity

Free voice chat software download for Chat Zone, Phone, Online Games

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AV VoizGame 4.0

Give you well selected 10 nickvoices of both male and female specialized for online role playing games. Now you can totally disguise your real identity and have fun!

Aim at all popular chat applications for online games such as: Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco, YIM, MSN, etc. with very small disk space.

Make your voice change to favorite charactersí voices in any games: World of Warcraft, Haft Life, Counter Strike, MU, etc.

Enjoy the feeling of being superior over your buddies in all game chat rooms and make your realm the strongest living legend.

Share fun and experience by chat conversations with your faction and set your camp an easy-2-identify general voice.

System Requirements:
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP (32 bit); Full Duplex Sound Card
File Size: 2.14 MB
File Name: vcs_diamond.exe
Approx. Download: 2 min at 56kbps

Free Download Voice Chat Software

No Title Original song
1 Do the Sale Lose Yourself - (Eminem)
2 In da Tub In da Club - (50 Cents)
3 Jail! Yeah! - (Usher)
4 Oops... I Farted Again Oops... I Did It Again - (Britney Spears)
5 Overeater Senorita - (Justin Timberlake)
6 Please Don't Wear That Thong Thong Song - (Sisqo)
7 Stacy's Dad Stacy's Mom - (Fountains of Wayne)
8 Taco Shop Candy Shop - (50 Cents)
9 Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay? I Want It That Way - (Backstreet Boys)
10 White Hurr Right Thurr - (Chingy)
Terror School

Taste Like Chicken!

Church Tip

20 Minutes

What's on a Man's Mind

Ancient Soccer

Annual Meeting

Arabian Marriage


Chinese Water Skiing

Computer Technology


I Got You!

Disgusting Jobs

Lookout Ladies


6 Beers

His and Her Driving

New Alarm System

What Hubby Hear?

The Female Brain

Haircut for Meeting

Horror Movie

Kitty Wish!


Man Brain

Office Room

Track Type

Computer Damage

Cat Victory

Skating Together

Lost Temper

James Bond

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