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   First date tips

Spice up your first date with these free dating tips!

Be creative
Take a little time to think over it.
A three-hour date with a movie that lasts two and a half-hours is not a good way to get acquainted.
Then again, you don't want to be stuck staring at each other without a topic of conversation.
A daytime meeting takes the heat off.

Lunch or coffee is a good start. Even better - a trip to the zoo.
Never disscuss about issues like: "What happened to your last relationship?"
And you can avoid the usual casual chit-chat.

Clothing is not optional.
Wear clothes that make you feel good.
New clothes always help - but if not new, be sure they're clean, pressed, and fit well - or if that's not your style - be sure they fit whatever way makes you feel the most comfortable and still look presentable.

Help the Other Person Feel Comfortable
Find something nice about your date and compliment her or him.
If it's painfully difficult to come up with something that you sincerely like about the person, you shouldn't be out with him/her in the first place.

Keep good manners
Thank the other person for the date - always, without exception.
Good manners are still in style. Well, not necessarily good manners - but common sense. Human kindness. That sort of thing is always in style.

Focus on the Other Person - pay attention to your date.
No wandering eyes. No preoccupation with old relationships, work, unlucky happenings.

Listen actively to what your date says.
Don't interrupt. While your date is talking, don't spend time thinking about what you're going to say when it's your turn.

Attitudes and Habits - stay positive.
Don't complain on a first date.
Be cautious about alcohol - if you drink heavily, you're not going to be at your best.

Date ideas for the week:
Take a class together.
Go dancing?

   Safe first date topics

You can't escape the first date jitters. Thinking of  where you plan to take her out, and more importantly what you're going to talk about on that all-important first date, your knees begin to tremble uncontrollably.

To keep her from rolling her eyes, keep the questions coming; not like an interview, but rather like you're chatting with your pals. Here are 10 first date topics to keep her jabbering all night.

People love to travel, see a foreign place with different people and new realities that offer novel experiences. Ask her where she's been, how she liked it, what she did while there, and what made an impression.
If she's a townie who never ventured outside her city limits, ask her where she dreams of visiting.

Past dates
It's advisable never to mention past long-term girlfriends on a first date, but past dates can be great fodder for conversation. Funny date experiences, blind dates gone wrong, and embarrassing blunders can keep things light and remind you both that you're human.
Be sure to throw in some good date stories as well, so you don't seem like a complete bumbler

Pickup lines
Both the bane and cornerstone of the dating world, pickup lines are an industry. Shuddering lines abound, but occasionally a girl will be surprised with a pretty decent one. Ask her what kind of lines she's received, and which ones worked. If anything, you'll learn what kind of sense of humor she has, and what not to try on her (or other women if it doesn't work out with her).

Pop culture
Since reality TV is replacing the sitcom as the primetime ratings machine, talk about the trend and in what dimension of reality a person eats beetle larvae for a million bucks. A word of warning: don't talk as if TV is the center of your existence. It's hard to seem interesting when your life centers around the tube.
Also, don't go into great detail about your Star Trek fixation, or the fact that you know every catchphrase ever uttered by Nicolas Cage in his movies.

Current events
If she seems like the intellectual type, discuss what's happening in the world. If you're a hermit, a quick glance at a newspaper should tell you there's some manner of commotion out there. Make sure you know what you're talking about, lest you make yourself seem dim.
Avoid getting too political or religious. If it turns out you're on polar ends of the political scale, you could end up in a nasty argument

Her friends & family
Her girlfriends are her pillars of support and cohorts in good times. Ask her about them, how she met them, where they go together, and what mischief they're always up to.
By asking her about her family you can get a good peek into who she is. What are her parents and siblings like? Where do they live? Note: if any hint of divorce or dysfunction rears its ugly head, quickly change the subject.
And since pets are pretty much family members, ask her if she has any. But you'll have to sit there and take it if she yaps on forever about her poodle.

Future plans
She'll love it if you ask her about her goals, dreams and ambitions. Ask her about her ideal job, where she'd like to live, who she'd like to emulate, and how she plans on making it all happen. Find out if she has a 10-year plan.

What she does for fun
To gauge her tastes (and for a hint about where you should take her on your second date), ask her where she likes to go on weekends, what activities she prefers, and if she's a social butterfly or a lone ranger.
Ask her if she likes sports, and if so, which ones she practices or watches.

What she likes in men
This is your chance to find out what kind of guy she likes, and, if you're up to the task, subtly hint that you're what she's looking for. Does she prefer the bad boy or the nice guy? Does she like mystery or security? Does she like guys who put up a challenge?
Of course, don't ask these questions directly, but lead her that way. For instance, if she tells you about a guy she dated but promptly dumped, ask her, "Was it because he was too nice/unpredictable/etc.?"

Personal tastes
As John Cusack proselytized in High Fidelity, on a date, "it's what you like and not what you are like that matters." That means movies, music, books, food, and all manner of consumables subject to personal preference. You can get great conversation going with this, and even stumble on things you have in common.
You'll impress her with your attention to detail if you ask her about her clothes (which she likely took an hour to pick out). Where did she get it? What's her style?

   Flirting tips for dating success
No matter what you think, to be a great flirt is not necessary to be devastatingly attractive, rich, or smooth. Get ready to demystify the free flirting tips. You are sure to be the best flirt in town.

#1: Be honest
If you're going to flirt, you need to be real about it. Anyone can spot a fake a mile away. Never pretend to be something you are not. This is especially true if you would like to see them again. If you lie about your age, your kids, your family or whatever there is a chance that when they find out they do not want to take things any further because of the lack of trust. Begin in a situation you are most comfortable with. Really mean what you are saying and your results will be well worth the effort.

#2: Feel good about yourself
Being positive is contagious. Feel good about yourself, about what you wear, about your hair and he/she will feel good about you.

#3: Smile
A smile is the simplest form of flattery. It shows that you are genuinely interested in the other person, and for that one single moment he/she is the only thing on your mind.

#4: Have a conversation starter ready
It is no good approaching a person if you do not know what you are going to start the conversation off with. You could start with a funny pickup line or you could simply start with your name, but remember to back it up. He/she might be just as nervous as you.

#5: Get Eye Contact
How do you make the object of your affection weak in the knees? Hold that meaningful gaze for just a few seconds longer than normal. Let your flirt know you are trying to catch his eye then when you hold her/his gaze give a gentle smile and let your eyes drop to the floor. They will not feel intimidated and he/she will know that you are interested.

#6: Be Interested In Them
Want to know if they are worthy of your undivided attention? Find out more by asking them open-ended questions about themselves. Show off your flirting skills by showing them you are actually listening to what they are saying.

#7: Boost his/her ego
A little flattery never hurt anybody. People have always used flattery on each other to get what they want. This is one of the best ways of flirting. Boost a persons ego and you will have him/her drinking water from your hand. If he/she has gorgeous eyes, great hair or anything else you notice tell them. We like to be complimented. Flattery gets you everywhere.

#8: Be interested
Ask him/her lots of open-ended questions. Ask them for their interests, what they do for a living etc. You may find that you have a lot in common other then physical attraction.

#9: Make the first move
A lot of people find it attractive when they are approached and find it easier and more relaxing to talk openly then when they have to make the first move.

#10: And finally…
Only give out your real phone number if you decide to take things further.

Bonus Tip:
Don't forget to show your appreciation for the person spending time with you. Always thank the person you are with, and let them know if you had a good time with them. A little politeness goes a long way to making you the next catch of the day.
   Date ideas
Tired of the standard movie and dinner date? Stuck with finding new date ideas? Check out our huge collection of date ideas for some inspiration!

·  Go to the symphony

·  Visit each other's grandparents

·  Volunteer together

·  Go camping

·  Karaoke

·  See a musical

·  Go to a concert

·  Go out for a cultural dinner

·  Visit a children's hospital

·  Go horseback riding

·  Go miniature golfing

·  Visit the zoo

·  See an aquarium

·  Go to a play

·  Visit an art gallery

·  Play board games

·  Go to a drive-in movie

·  Go to a car show

·  Go see fireworks

·  Go to a movie

·  Go to an ice skating show

·  Go to a concert

·  Visit garage sales

·  Go to an air show

·  Play card games

·  Make your own video

·  Go whitewater rafting

·  Go dancing

·  Rake leaves & play in them

·  Play a game of tag

·  Hopscotch

·  Climb trees together

·  Take a riverboat cruise

·  Play broomball

·  Play kick the can

·  Ride a ferry or steamboat

·  Waterslide

·  Go swimming

·  Go moped riding

·  Go to the driving range

·  Play touch football

·  Jet ski

·  Go sledding

·  Work out together

·  Build a snowman

·  Make snow angels

·  Sunbathe together

·  Run together in the rain

·  Play racquetball

·  Badminton

·  Ride go-carts

·  Beach volleyball

·  Catch fire flies

·  Snowball fights

·  Go for a country drive

·  Go stargazing

·  Rent a movie

·  Have a picnic at home

·  Look at Christmas lights

·  Go to a museum

·  Watch the sunset

·  Bake cookies together

·  Do laundry together

·  Make ice cream

·  Go for a sunset walk

·  Cook dinner for each other

·  Go grocery shopping

·  Build ice cream sundaes

·  Color in coloring books

·  Go to an arcade

·  Visit a city that is the name of a state

·  Take a sleigh ride

·  Go snowmobiling

·  Play frisbee

·  Park and star watch

·  Visit a pet store

·  Rent a limo for the evening

·  Walk on the beach at midnight

·  Roast marshmallows over a campfire

·  Visit favorite childhood places

·  Go ice skating

·  Go roller blading

·  Build models

·  Pick colorful fall leaves

·  Go for a moonlit walk

·  Watch TV together

·  Decorate a Christmas tree

·  Feed ducks at a pond

·  Go on a hay ride

·  Finger paint

·  Snuggle up in front of the fireplace

·  Go to the beach

·  Visit a city park

·  Pillow fight

·  Go kayaking

·  Walk your dog

·  Play hide and seek

·  Snuggle

·  Carve a jack-o-lantern

·  Watch the sunrise

·  Go shell searching on the beach

·  Visit an orchard

·  Watch little league games

·  Watch planes take off

·  See a midnight movie

·  Go to a wedding together

·  Look for 4-leaf clovers

·  Fruit tree picking /orchard

·  Go window shopping

·  Read tabloids & laugh together

·  Thumb wrestle

·  Puddle jump in the rain

·  Play tennis

·  Play volleyball

·  Hot air balloon ride

·  Ride a bike built for two

·  Go water-skiing

·  Go sailing

·  Go to a playground

·  Go to the horse races

·  Go to an amusement park

·  Play laser tag

·  Learn to rock climb

·  Go bowling

·  Play basketball (1 on 1)

·  Cook out

·  Visit caves

·  Fly a kite

·  Give each other backrubs

·  Take a helicopter ride

·  Go deep sea fishing

·  Go scuba diving

·  Go on a hayride

·  Walk through a mall

·  Have a small party

·  Go to church together

·  Go to a boating show/race

·  Take a hobby class

·  Visit a haunted house

·  Go to a circus

·  Go out for coffee

·  Visit a flea market

·  Cruise in a convertible

·  Go to an all you can eat buffet

·  Go to a ballet

·  Play bingo

·  Help at a soup kitchen

·  Go to an opera

·  Go to a bookstore

·  Visit another city

·  Go hear jazz or reggae

·  Visit a nursing home

·  Do yard work

·  Have shaving cream fight

·  Trampoline

·  Go Snowboarding

·  Go Skiing

·  Listen to music

·  Go snorkeling

·  Visit shops in a nearby small town

·  Go to a football game














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