Cool chat tools to change voice, record chat conversation

Give you well selected 10 nickvoices of both male and female specialized for online role playing games. Now you can totally disguise your real identity and have fun!

Aim at all popular chat applications for online games such as: Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco, YIM, MSN, etc. with very small disk space.

Make your voice change to favorite characters’ voices in any games: World of Warcraft, Haft Life, Counter Strike, MU, etc.

Enjoy the feeling of being superior over your buddies in all game chat rooms and make your realm the strongest living legend.

Share fun and experience by chat conversations with your faction and set your camp an easy-2-identify general voice.

If you find yourself in problem communicating with your chat friend because of different language, then translator software may help. With these translators you can chat with any friend from all over the world in their own language. All you need to do is to select the message and with one keystroke you will get its translation. Ace Translator now supports major European and Asian languages such as: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean…

   Other chat tools for your reference.
RideWay [Download]
Allow multiple users simultaneous Internet access via one connection
Fade-It for AOL [Download]
Add colors and styles to your AOL chat interface
ICQ Translator [Download]
Communicate with ICQ users in their own languages













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