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Want to meet people around the world that have the same interest? Here are good places to start.
If you are new to chatting online, then web chat is ideal. There are rooms of interests, ages, or locations for you to choose. When you get into friendship with them; then use an Instant Messenger to keep in touch privately. Instant messenger allow you to make a friend list and see their online/offline status. The most popular chat servers such as Yahoo, MNS, AOL, ICQ… have both web chat and instant messenger. You need to register a user ID to chat, and to use instant messenger you need to download and install it on your computer.
 If you hate all these messy sign-ups, then download mIRC client and pick any nickname when you enter the chat rooms.
   YAHOO! chat and YAHOO! instant messenger.
Meet thousands of people, join hundreds of chat rooms, nothing to download. Go to Yahoo! Chat, sign up a Yahoo! ID and start. Download Yahoo! Messenger here to chat privately with Yahoo! Messenger users. Choose to download The All New Yahoo! Messenger for new features: LaunchCast radio, animated icons, image and avatar sharing window, audibles and new environments. The All New Yahoo Messenger allows playing games with your contact in the same messenger window.
   AOL chat and AOL instant messenger.
Various chat rooms available at AOL Chat; you must use's features, or AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) software to chat. AIM 5.5 allow you to use one buddy list window for all your AIM identities; sign-in once, and all your AIM Identities are online at the same time ... in the same Buddy List. Also, you can see you're your Buddies live using Video IM.
   ICQ chat and ICQ instant messenger.
ICQ Chat does not require an ID, just pick a nickname and enter chat rooms. From lobby you can click other people's nick to start a private conversation. To use ICQ Instant Messenger, you need to sign-up an ICQ number and choose a display name. ICQ Instant Messenger has SMS service, which allows you to send short message to mobile phone. ICQ Lite is available in 19 languages and best for starters.
   mIRC - Winsock internet relay chat client.
mIRC is an IRC client used to connect to the IRC network, which spread widely over the world in almost all languages. You need to download and install the Winsock client on your computer. If you prefer to talk in a language other than English, go to the proper channel that indicate the language you want to speak. If you don't find one, you can set up a new channel; however, it is likely that they have been set up already, as mIRC is used very popularly. Chatting in mRIC, you need to learn some simple script to ease yourself; also you should learn some tips in the mIRC FAQ. One thing you should know is that you can use mIRC free for 30 days, after that you need to pay one time fee of $20 to use the program.
   MSN chat and MSN messenger.
Before you chat in MSN Chat, you need to sign-up a .NET passport. To get a .NET passport, register with your email and password. Hotmail users are already given a .NET passport; just use Hotmail account and password to sign in. MSN Messenger is favored by a great number of American users. It has quite a lot of game to play with your chat friend. Also, you can download MSN Messenger in your own language: From the download window, click Change Language to select your language for your MSN Messenger client version. There are 26 languages available.













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